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You will then be taken through to a page on which you confirm your order, the date that you would like to collect, and your contact details. Please note that you can only collect from the day following your order as we need time to prepare.

You can collect before 10am on the morning of your cleanse and then will be available on the phone or by email at any time during office hours to help you answer any questions at all that you may have.

We will provide you with email notification when your order is booked in by us.

Our juice cleanses are unpasteurised and made to order; they will remain fresh for 1 day if they are kept refrigerated upon receipt of your package. Once you receive your juice, please do refrigerate immediately.

our detox range

  • Juice till dinner

    This high energy package keeps you juiced up through the day until you have a solid meal for dinner.
    It works by simply replacing breakfast, lunch and snacks with our nutrient-dense juice plan while still allowing a healthy wholefoods dinner at the end of the day. Consider this a mini cleanse for newbies View and Order Rootbar detox
  • Green Cleanse

    Restore your body's pH balance – the alkalising way Our Green Cleanse, recommended for more experienced cleansers, promotes healing at a deeper level. The juices contain dark green tasty chlorophyll-rich vegetables topped up with some low-GI fruit – ideal for neutralising the body's acidity and creating a healthy and balanced pH. Meanwhile, potent nutrients flood your body, giving you the energy your lifestyle demands. View and Order Rootbar detox
  • Work Smart Juice Pack

    Achieve Smart Performance through Internal Resilient Energy
    Purchase 6 juices upfront and collect 2 each day on your way to work. View and Order Rootbar detox