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What’s a juice detox?

Your body naturally performs functions that act to detoxify, maintain homeostasis and allow healing to occur. These include the daily dialysis of blood by your kidneys, which rids your body of harmful waste, the control of blood sugar levels by the pancreas and liver, the fighting of infection by the lymphatic system, regulation of acids and bases by the lungs, as well as many other important tasks.

When toxins find their way into your blood they disrupt your body’s homeostatic process. The human body is built to respond by purging these toxins as waste. However, in order for you to effectively reset, you must first stop the toxification incurred through harmful lifestyle and dietary decisions such as the intake of alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, and for some people, dairy. If you drink only juice, you leave out every mistake whilst still taking on the nutrition you need from protein, carbohydrates, fat, organic salts, vitamins and minerals, such that you keep all of your necessary functions working as they should. During a detox, you should consume no alcohol, no coffee, no tea (other than herbal teas), no solid foods, and make sure you have plenty of rest.

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