Over the past couple of years, juicing and healthy smoothies have exploded in popularity, where juice bars look to be on track to become as popular as coffee chains. This trend is here to stay and we hope to be your favourite.

Whether you come down to our store or let us come to you, it’s about time that you found out what all the excitement is about. Swap your soft drinks for some juiced kale, embrace the goodness and discover that being healthy doesn’t have to be hard!

Our juices may be raw, organic and blended, but our shop is comforting and warm. Pick up a juice, enjoy a range of healthy breakfasts or salads, pull out your laptop, and relax with your favourite newspapers & magazines, and free wi-fi.

our mission

We work hard to showcase a progressive combination of nutritional products that promote heath and wellness, all sourced from local purveyors

Rootbar’s mission is to make the nutritional benefits of high quality juicing accessible to everyone, while offering a one-stop-shop to those looking to quickly grab something delicious and healthy on the go. Daily options include made to order raw juices, BLENDS, wellness shots, Truth coffee, breakfast pots, quinoa bowls and wraps and soups as well as some baked goods.